Dr Khalil Rahimi Khosh

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I was born on the 10th of April, 1971 in Mashhad, Iran.
In 1989, I started studying medicine at “Guilan Medical University” in Rasht city of Iran and graduated as a medical doctor in 1996.
After finishing the medical studies, I was developed on interest in writing and translating medical books for the public.
In 2000, I published my first book “Getting rid of Obesity is Easy” and afterwards in 2001, I started translation of medical books for all common people along with my career. Gradually, my interest to translation of medical books increased and I found myself spending more time on translation until it became my first priority so that I have dedicated all my time to translating medical books since 2007 up to now.
I gained more experiences and public acclaim as a professional medical books translator. I have translated more than 30 English books to Persian so far.
I believe that books play a pivotal role in enhancing the culture of societies and, medical books, in particular, help people to improve their life style and wellbeing. Thus, working in this field satisfies me.

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About Me



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